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    SYSCOM offers a wide range of services including site assessment surveys, a full installation service, Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC), Rental services, battery replacements and health checks for UPS, Inverters, Battery chargers, Batteries and many more in Chennai.

    Our service and maintenance products offer complete after sales service support which alongside standard warranties will ensure total protection for critical equipment.



    • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts ( CAMC )
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts ( Labour – AMC)
    • AMC for Third Party UPS, Stabilizer, Inverters and other power products
    • Battery Replacement Services
    • Stabilizer Retrofits
    • Rental UPS And Stabilizers
    • Stabilizer Oil Replacement



    SYSCOM offers CAMC for all our products. This comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract provides peace of mind to the customer as the service contract covers regular PMs (Preventive Maintenance) and unlimited breakdown calls during the contract period. Any replacement of spares is free of cost during the contract period and excludes batteries.



    SYSCOM also can offer only Labour AMC. The Annual Maintenance Contract covers regular PMs (Preventive Maintenance) and unlimited breakdown calls during the contract period. Any replacement of spares will be charged extra.



    SYSCOM has qualified and trained engineers to maintain and trouble shoot the third party manufactured products on a PAN India basis. Currently we are offering third party service for the below capacity UPS & SCVS.

    • 1 – 10 KVA UPS.
    • 10 – 200 KVA both air cooled & oil cooled Stabilizers.
    • It is ideally suitable for the organization that required single vendor maintenance support for their UPS / Stabilizers in multiple locations across multiple locations Pan India.



    The Service life of a battery is limited and depends on many factors, including age, usage, environment and maintenance. IEEE standards recommend replacing a battery at the time its capacity drops below 80%. A typical UPS or Inverter battery may start to lose capacity or fail within 3-5 years. Proactively replacing batteries will help to keep the power backup system running up to specifications and minimize the risk of downtime to your business operations.

    SYSCOM offers a complete range of battery replacement services to handle all your needs. Every year we replace several thousand batteries. Our factory-trained battery specialists are experts in all aspects of battery service and replacement. Replacement and installation services cover both valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), also known as sealed maintenance-free (SMF) batteries and wet-cell (also called flooded) batteries.



    SYSCOM can convert your analog stabilizer to digital stabilizer at a low cost to provide maximum benefit, save money, improve reliability and power quality. Conversion can be done on site can be done within 2 hours on any brand of stabilizers. This conversion will give you digital stabilizer at just 1/10th of the price of a new digital stabilizer. It also ensures better reliability, longer life and better protection.




    SYSCOM is offering UPS rental from 1KVA – 120KVA UPS & 15KVA to 45KVA Stabilizer.
    This is ideally suitable for the organizations which need immediate UPS / Stabilizer during transition or breakdown of existing UPS / Stabilizer or cannot afford to invest in a new unit.



    All Oil Cooled Stabilizers need replacement of the oil based on usage & ageing to improve the reliability of Servo Stabilizer and to get a longer life. SYSCOM offers full range of services including oil testing, Oil recycling & Oil replacement.


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    After Sales Service

    SYSCOM is proud of the quality of our after sales service. Our trained engineers and experienced staff offer a personal service and can talk you through any problems or concerns which may arise.SYSCOM’s After Sales Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to customers’ enquiries regarding any aspect of systems and solutions.

    Rental Services

    SYSCOM can meet your short or long term UPS, Inverter and Battery needs through our rental and lease programs in chennai. Rental systems include delivery, installation, start up and any maintenance that’s required.

    Customer satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is SYSCOM’s priority. We have put in place correct people, infrastructures and methodologies to offer our customers highest level of after sales service. When difficulties arise, Azign’s service engineers are despatched immediately to the site. Our well-trained engineers will accurately diagnose abnormalities, and take corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

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